I have been counseling individuals and couples in the Bay Area since 1981. In addition I taught prospective psychotherapists for 18 years at U.C. Berkeley Extension and advanced psychology graduate students for four years at New College of California in San Francisco. I also supervise interns and provide consultation for licensed therapists. I am a Clinical Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a member of The Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley where I serve on the Clinical Services Committee.

I work with adults, individually and as couples. The relationship we develop will help you to find a safe, welcoming space to explore your inner world and find healing.


Experienced, wise and effective. “I have a very long professional relational with Ms. Berger and as another psychotherapist I can say that I find her to be a very knowledgeable and devoted practitioner. Her areas of specialization, including couples work, is especially demanding and valuable. The community is fortunate to have her.”
Great Therapist. “I have collaborated with Susan Berger over a number of years and can heartily recommend her as a therapist for both individuals and couples. Susan is direct and real, warm and compassionate. One her her particular gifts as a therapist is her ability to both work deeply with people and to help in the kinds of practical ways that people often yearn for. She has a specialty working with couples who are in distress – including those dealing with extra-marital affairs – but works highly successfully with individual clients as well. I recommend her highly.
A Rewarding Experience. “I’ve worked with Susan Berger for some time and she has helped me a great deal. Unlike other therapists I’ve worked with Susan is not formulaic but is very paitent and lets me be myself. I talk about what troubles me when I am comfortable enough to do so. In my experience, Susan is very empathetic, caring and patient and I will continue to work with her and heartily recommend that others visit her as well.”
Susan conducts therapy with great care. “I have known Susan Berger for over 15 years. We have been in various professional groups and consultations groups with each other over that time. I have also referred couples and individuals to her over the years. Through these associations I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for her and her work. Susan conducts therapy with great care, attention and precision. She has a way of getting to the heart of the matter without overlooking all the nuances, complexities and paradoxes of being human. She is smart, talented and is always expanding her understanding of both theory and practice of psychotherapy. For her, therapy is a passion and a calling. I know I can refer to her without reservations, which is so valuable to me. I recommend her highly.

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