I provide marriage counseling and individual psychotherapy for adults in Walnut Creek. I see couples who want help with conflict, lack of intimacy, and recovery from infidelity and individuals who want help with such issues as relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, addiction recovery and grief. I also see individuals who are questioning their involvement with a married person or whose partner has had an affair. I have a strong background in socio-cultural diversity.

Individual Psychotherapy

My style is welcoming, thoughtful and engaging. I am highly sensitive to emotional nuance and what might be going on below the surface. The kind of therapy I provide can best be understood as a special kind of relationship in which clients come to experience enough trust to share what it is that could not be shared before, and feel deeply received and profoundly understood in an atmosphere of respect and collaboration. I believe in the healing power of a deep and creative therapeutic relationship. For more information go to For Individuals or For Men.

Couple Counseling

I work with couples to help create more intimacy and to understand the roots of conflict to which there seems to be no resolution.  I find that frequently the argument isn’t about what it appears to be.  Once we begin to understand what each spouse is really trying to communicate, the development of a new emotional intimacy is set in motion. In addition, I also help with issues connected to making a commitment as well as socio-cultural diversity.

I also work with couples who are struggling to put the pieces of their relationship back together after  the revelation of infidelity.   The discovery of infidelity can be a a traumatic experience and deserves to be met with empathy, understanding and support for healing. You may wish to visit my blog, About Affairs.

It can be anxiety provoking to think about coming in as a couple.  For more about this, and how I work with couples click on For Couples and For Men.

Areas Of Focus